presence over effort.

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Jo Pang

My work is fueled by the possibility I see for an environmentally regenerative, joyous, and just world. I work at the intersection of business, social justice and spirituality, transforming organizational human systems, team/interpersonal dynamics, and our inner worlds.  My specialties are in mindfulness, diversity & inclusion, and forward-thinking organizational design & culture.


My gift is in transformation. In supporting people and organizations on their journey of transforming into their best selves. I have found that true transformation requires more than new knowledge. It requires a shift in consciousness;  making unconscious beliefs, habits and norms conscious, thus creating the possibility for change.  I help people on this journey through facilitation, teaching and coaching; ultimately creating the space for people to  unlearn old norms and learn new practices to replace them.

I hope to connect with you on this journey. 



Certified Teacher and  Student of Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion  



Consultant & People Partner

Express Scripts (Past)

Director of Organizational Improvement

Founder of Mindfulness program


Leadership Transformation

Organizational Strategy

Mindfulness and Meditation

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Conflict Transformation

High-Performing Teams

Employee Experience

Organizational Culture and Design


"Jo is genuine, sincere and calming. He very much demonstrates the benefits of mindfulness in his approach and being."


"Jo is a kind, patient, open, and thoughtful teacher. He has a sense of humor and is easygoing."

"Jo has a lot of empathy and seems to have been made to help others. His openness and honesty is very helpful. He has a great passion and it's contagious."

"Jo is a great teacher. His class was organized and structured, yet he was flexible enough to alter his plan if necessary."