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Sarah Murphy, MA

My work is rooted in curiosity. My whole life, I've asked questions about why things are the way they are. As a white woman, I inquire constantly about why racial inequity exists and persists - and what part well-meaning white people play in maintaining systemic racism. I don't know any members of white supremacist groups like the KKK or neonazis - but I know a lot of white leaders who unknowingly commit harm to their colleagues of color that leads to burnout, decreased performance, and high rates of attrition. 
Whiteness - the culture that supports systemic racism - harms all the things. Particularly things that support success in 21st century workplaces. It discourages collaboration, rushes production over innovation, and cultivates burnout. To build the world we want to live in, we need to unlearn individualism, sense of urgency, and shame around rest. 
We need each other to thrive. 
As a facilitator, recovering academic (ask me about it), and coach, I ask questions about difficulty, inefficiency, and disfunction. I work to find the themes below the surface of a problem. I believe we can move, together, from awareness into understanding and towards transformation.
When we connect genuinely, we are limitless. 
With a praxis of nonviolent communication, I create space to ask "Why?" so that clients are better equipped to use the information that arises to learn and grow into ease, efficiency, and high performance. We, together, can choose to ask: "What is at the root of this problem? How can we name it, process it, and move on to more innovative challenges?" As we address the problem at hand, we can strengthen individual skills,  group dynamics, and organizational systems. 


Racial Equity Strategy Consulting

Individual coaching on: advocacy,              white racial identity formation,

        external org communication


Non-Violent Communication (NVC)

Conflict transformation, Restorative Justice circles

Curriculum development & evaluation design

Program assessment & targeted improvement strategies

Research & information synthesis

Writing, Editing, Peer-review


"Sarah has high empathy, emotional intelligence, and is highly knowledgable of racial equity capacity and assessment frameworks. I can tell that Sarah lives by her anti-racist values as a person, and also a professional. She listens and supports me well, and she also encourages me to make the shifts that help me get better as a manager and colleague in a way that is respectful and affirming."

                                         - Faybra Hemphill, Director of Racial Equity Capacity Building,                                                                                    Forward Through Ferguson

"Sarah's presence has a gravity that holds in space well after she leaves. She shares genuine love for people and care pours out of her like light. It's warm and infectious. " 

                                         - Basil Kincaid, artist and collaborator 

"Sarah has a way of receiving people as they are, and does not judge them or try to change them but as she works her magic, people want to be better versions of themselves. If they let her connect with them, they end up taking up their own efforts to be more engaged. One summer, I watched her move a chaotic group of what some adults would call 'problem teens' into a group of leaders." 

                                         - Kay Anderson, Director, Skyland Camp for Girls