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Case studies

All-Staff Summit 

Our client wanted to boost the alignment and morale of their staff after a year of significant change. We launched the year with a staff summit to align on strategic initiatives, build relationships and develop their skills in building inclusive cultures.


"They did wonderful work facilitating tough discussions, offered systematic concrete actions forward, challenged answers if needed, and were overall excellent moderators."

Educational Sector


95% of participants agreed that the summit was helpful in gaining strategic clarity and alignment.

The staff identified and prioritized key areas of focus in the organizational system, culture, interpersonal behaviors and individual skills. 

After the summit, we worked with them to launch transformation teams to design and implement changes in alignment with their strategic priorities.

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"This is an incredibly detailed dive into some issues that I think have been hiding just below the surface for a long time. They did a beautiful job establishing a holistic view of people's experiences of inclusion in our organization."

Inclusive Culture Consulting

Media Sector

Recognizing the importance of inclusion in a healthy organization, our client wanted to create a more inclusive organizational culture. We conducted an organizational assessment and worked with the executive team to see with new eyes and identify key areas for change.


We identified key insights through employee interviews, focus groups and surveys. 

We mapped these insights to research-based findings to provide a more holistic understanding of the organizations challenges and opportunities.

We worked with the executive team and staff to identify key priorities and implemented changes ranging from training to organizational governance. 

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Community Decision-Making 


Our client is deeply committed to equity and wanted to engage more stakeholder groups in making decisions that impact them. We helped them design and implement a process to increase stakeholder voice and effectively navigate a diversity of opinions.


"This process was very generative and energizing. I believe the impact is and will continue to be significant. I personally grew and gained a lot through the process, for which I am grateful." 


With our client, we designed a highly inclusive and participatory decision-making process that reflected their values of equity and transparency.

We facilitated the process on several significant decision points that resulted in more effective decisions, greater alignment and buy-in from the community and a positive impact on their culture overall.

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