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My life’s work is to help people wake up! To support people and organizations on their journey of transforming into their best selves. I am a teacher, facilitator and coach specializing in transforming organizational human systems, team/interpersonal dynamics, and our inner worlds. My work is to help make unconscious habits and norms conscious, thus creating the possibility for change. 

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I am an educator, advocate, and facilitator. I work in the balance between deep compassion for all people and cutting through the bullshit that holds us back from excelling together. This work is about deepening understanding and building shared visions. I work to understand the root of an issue--be it systemic, interpersonal, or individual--because I believe awareness is progress, and without it we are lost.


Jason Hanson


Each day I have the opportunity to choose how I contribute to the world around me. I choose how I show up, not by good intentions, but by the practices I’ve integrated into my life that allow me to be my best self more of the time. Yoga, mindfulness, listening, and acceptance of all parts of my being help on my daily journey to find balance.