Our Offerings

Mindfulness series and workshops focusing on understanding and training our minds, developing compassion, and engaging more beneficially in the world.

Mindfulness Courses

Coaching & Consultation

Private sessions with individuals who want to problem-solve, deepen their critical analysis of power, expand reflective practices and apply new skills to work and personal life.

Equity Training

Brave spaces built to understand diversity beyond quotas, explore inequitable workplace policies & practice, and build pathways to success for multiple identities.

Members of the Culture Wise Collective provide education, organizational evaluation, and coaching to improve work culture. Our approach is data-driven, experiential, and rooted in systems-thinking.


Neuroscience research shows that to change our behavior we need practices that rewire our brain. This means going beyond intellectual understanding and actually transforming from the inside out.


To shift organizational culture, we must orient ourselves - examine available data about our contexts - and apply personal transformation to the deliberate revision of policies, so that daily practices change in meaningful and sustainable ways.


Culture Wise Consultants provide data analysis, invitational workshops, and leadership coaching designed to deepen understanding of the bridges between individual experience, behavior, organizational culture, and complex social systems. 

The Impact

"This class has helped me to be more present in my life and less reactionary to events that occur"

Participant, Express Scripts

"I was lucky enough to attend a training that taught me about the unconscious bias I bring to work every day... [the concepts it covered were] the trademarks of white expectations and how they can be unhealthy. To me, they read like a list of things I wanted to leave behind

long before I understood their cultural context."

Participant, Slalom Consulting St. Louis

"I feel more centered and these classes have caused me to pause and think before reacting to things. I am also bringing more awareness to the people around me"

Participant, Joy of Yoga